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Children and the Holy Spirit

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Children are open to the Holy Spirit and if you give a child the opportunity to learn to listen to the Spirit of God, you are going to be surprised at what will happen!

Children are teachable. You can teach them languages, teach them arithmetic, teach them manners, teach them tricks, teach them to develop .... They learn quickly and easily. You can raise your children bilingually and be amazed at how quickly they can remember words and phrases.

Why would you not teach them to listen to the Holy Spirit?


Children are the best missionaries. If you give them room for what the Holy Spirit can do through them this has a huge impact on both their own lives and that of others.

For many years Antoine and I have gone on missionary trips with children. They were a great channel for the love and the greatness of God. Many hearts were touched.

I myself was surprised when in England a woman (Gudrun) took to her children’s group to weekly church services in the morning and also to the evening services in a tent meeting.

We were accustomed to surrendering the service to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the children of that group were impressed. These were children from broken families whose parents were even not Christians!

One evening something very special happened!

 After a time of worship, in which these children also actively participated, suddenly a breeze of the Holy Spirit came into the tent and no-one could say that anyone was in charge!

God's spirit was moving and people were touched by God's love and were healed in their minds and souls. No one told the children to do ministry, but they freely went and stood or sat with people to pray with them and bless them.

The children felt that they were given the freedom to be allowed to do so and they felt free in the power of the Spirit.

My passion is to see parents and child workers teach children to listen to the Holy Spirit and serve in His power.


When Jesus was on Earth and parents took their children to Jesus and he blessed them and showed them that a child was most important by saying: And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me (Matthew 18:5)You will be surprised to see what happens!

It's time that we give the Holy Spirit freedom by putting the children in the front, in the spotlight!

It's time to take children along on outreach! Let them be a blessing to children and adults! Why wait until they are older while they are so open to the Holy Spirit at such a tender age?!


It's good to teach children to color in between the lines, to give them rules. But they must also learn how much freedom they get when their mind is open for the things the Father wants to do for them and through them.

Jesus loves children dearly!

Their minds and souls are healed very quickly once they receive the the power of Jesus ' love!

Give your children more freedom and let them be inspired by the Holy Ghost to "colour outside the lines" and let them choose their own color to express their creativity!

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